About VIEC

VIEC stand for Vietnam Import Export Company, Your reliable partner in International Trading, especially in Vietnam and The Netherlands.


Established on 11 - 11 -2011, VIEC was set up to become a commercial bridge between Europe and Vietnam. 

Eight years experiences in trading; import/export sectors and transport services, VIEC is always ready to support you in many businesses. Our premium products offered under the most economical terms and can be shipped to you in a short period of time. 


Additionally, VIEC is proud to be exclusive distributor in long-term cooperation with factories for all our import and export products. That makes our products unique, manageable and high profit with your business.


Contributing to society is also our purpose in building our eco-system. VIEC has been licensed by SBB- Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and The Labour Market. This is an honoured certificate of VIEC for a reason that it licensed only for companies have enough prestige along with training capability for student in The Netherlands. 

VIEC's Business Scopes:

1.    Import and Export: We centralise in product quality in order to offer the best goods to customer.

2.    Commercial Service Consultancy: Our expert team with truly knowledgeable in Business Culture of Vietnamese and Dutch who will help you run and manage your business in appropriate way.

3.    Commercial Representative: We cooperate with organisations that have desire to conquer markets in both Vietnam and The Netherlands. 


Let's contact VIEC even when you just have an idea. We are more than happy to work with you to turn your ideas into reality. Click Here to contact us.