Products from Europe

Richard Royal Tea

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Back in the 19th century the Master of the Richard tea house made tea blends for the Royal families and the recipes were kept as a big secret, stored in special boxes with the symbolic lion seal. 


It was a historical decision when Richard Tea unlocks the secrets of their Royal blends. Richard tea now offers a wide range of choices that will bring tea lovers exactly what they want and a memorable tea experience.


“Discover new insight in English tea – Royal classics from RICHARD!”

OG Lollipop

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Founded in 1994, the lollipop of Original Gourmet in the US (OG Lollipop) quickly became the first and the only lollipop in the world that has been made in big format of 31gram gravity deposited, which had never been done before.


In recent years, OG lollipop has continuously made it to the top 5 front end SKU wherever they are placed, in addition to extremely lucrative lollipop lines. Its plastic sticks will last without getting soggy and of course it will not break. Different with most of the others lollipop that has colorful wrappers, OG lollipop has crystal clear transparent wrappers so that to show its perfectly rounded and formed lollipop inside.


They are made in various sizes to be placed conveniently anywhere in your store.

Lander Brau beer

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Through the 5.000 year history of beer, some breweries have managed to preserve authenticity of the very first recipe. One of those few is Lander Brau, the classic German-style brewery, famous for their natural and mild taste beer.


Each batch of Lander Bräu, literally means beer from the land, is brewed with care, from pure and selective ingredients, clear water, malted barley and hops. This authentic beer lets you taste the long-lasting fascination, with a touch from the German brewing culture.


As a companion for any occasion, Lander Bräu offers its careful selection with a unique touch for each choice:

  1. The 2,0% Zesty fresh lemon touch
  2. The 4,9% Premium brewed with crystal-clear water
  3. The 7,9% Strong brewed with the purest yeast
  4. The 12,0% Super Strong for maximum enjoyment


Olla milk

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Among the world milk markets, Dutch milk quality is always regarded as the highest. Without sugar added, the natural sweetness of Olla comes from fresh cow’s milk and it has been tested in for its premium formula for infants and kids.


What is more, Olla milk boxes are produced using simple environment-friendly carton. Therefore, it helps to keep our focus on the milk itself, to serve the best value to your most adorable – your kids.


Olla milk powder contains all the necessary nutritions and minerals for children, at optimum level. It is consisted of DHA/AA/GOS; Calcium; Iron; Fluoride… And important vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, B12, C, and E.


On each Olla box is our slogan "Made with love".

  • Love for our children - The future, and;
  • Love for our environment.

The Sweet Candy World

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“The Sweet Candy World” is VIEC selected signature project of the year. This program aims at bringing the ‘100% made in EU’ candies and sweets to Vietnam, to satisfy the growing demand while guarantee the quality of the products and health of the consumers.


This program includes several kinds of candy ranging from bubble gum, marshmallow to lollipop or fruit candy. As exclusive distributor for “The Sweet Candy World”, VIEC has taken initiative to welcome orders started at least 1 pallet. By doing this, more partners can connect with us to serve such premium products.


On this journey, our partners are to be distributors, supermarkets or retail agencies in Vietnam, who understand and share our view on quality and health factor to keep the joy of treats.