Transport General Conditions

All the Agreements between VIEC and other business partners shall be governed by the law and national as wel as international general conditions of the belonging laws of the Netherlands. 


Concerning transport service of VIEC: She is a transport intermediary and the goods shall be taken care by the third transport company under the conducting of VIEC to suit her customer's needs and/or requirements.


Responsibilities of VIEC - The Transport Organizer: 

1. Receiving goods from her customers at her registered business address.

2. Gathering goods from her customers in a most secured possible place.

3. Repacking goods from her customers if needed to suit the transport requirements in Europe. 

4. Searching affordable transport tariffs from third parties with the price that should be accorded by Party B in advance for a period of time.

1.5 Arranging the transport to appointed location in Hanoi Vietnam

1.6 Conducting Party B incase of insurance under requirements of Party B for her sending from the Netherlands to Ha Noi Vietnam and vice-verse. 


Responsibilities of Transport customers of VIEC - As the Services User or so called the Consignee: 

1. Consignee is responsible for purchasing / ordering of goods and to send to the business address of VIEC.

2. Consignee is responsible for the source of goods and legalisation of the goods that shall be then sent to VIEC in order to arrange a forwarding for Consignee. 

3. Consignee shall provide VIEC all the needed documentations regarding the goods, so that VIEC will be able to provide Consignee the best tariff possible at that time being as well as fulfilling Consignee's required documents in Europe to be able to send the goods out of Europe. 

4. Consignee shall bear all the taxes and/or extra cost if any that needed for her orders to be sent to VIEC, so that VIEC will not have to bear any extra cost or responsibilities whatsoever to be able to receive the goods that are ordered / purchased by the Consignee.

5. All the packages of Consignee shall be marked by the Consignee with her registered customer's and recognisable customer’s name by VIEC as the name of receiver on the packages. VIEC shall not having any responsibility as mistaking made by Consignee in this case if any.

6. Should the package(s) is refused by receiver in Vietnam due to his / her situation. VIEC shall allow one month storage. During this time the consignee will be charged for 2 EUR per kg per month. After this period, VIEC will take its own decision with this package. The consignee will bear extra costs if any for this procedure. 


VIEC shall working under the transport intermediary services; Warehouse; Logistics and distribution as following general conditions in the Netherlands:

The general conditions shall be applied as Dutch Forwarding Conditions; Logistics Services Conditions; Dutch Forwarding Conditions and Dutch Warehouse Conditions (as always the latest version) that registered at the District Courts of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam on July 1st 2004. 


The above addressed general conditions shall be found here: